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Our service is detecting & removing duplicates within lists of names and postal addresses for many purposes such as individual, the same household and others. Our product is the Universal IdentLogic Systems Customer Loyalty program (ILCL), a superlative and universal product and service offering combination. It is a multi-lingual, multi-currency, multi-timezone, multi-wallet and multi-association framework solution. We have done intensive work in adapting, enhancing, testing & performance tuning, as well as sales & support of global packages for both identity management (duplicate detection) and address correction & validation for Indian and international names & addresses. We have developed a cutting edge security framework for Information Access Management. Contact person: Sanjay Banerji, CEO, +91-98201-90028, Email : Address:

G11 Vijay Industrial Premises

New Link Road, Near Chincholi Bunder Road crossing

Malad West, Mumbai ? 400064, India.

Industry Sectors serviced: All where there are a large number of clients - FMCG, consumer goods, white goods, BFSI, retail sector and distribution channels

Major Products/Services:

I. Duplicate Detection Services

II. Loyalty Programs

2. Two areas where our products/service offerings are unique

2.I. Duplicate Detection Services

2.I.a. Offering: Service of detecting and removing duplicates in identity data comprising of names, addresses, ID's, phones, gender, organisation names, designations, etc. for multiple purposes such as the same individual, same household, same resident, etc.

2.I.b. Why is it unique and better than any other offering by our peers/competitors:

Capable of handling extremely large data sets, far beyond any other. Basic software believed to be used by the FBI and FSB/KGB. Can detect errors, changes, distortions, missing letters, missing words and interchanged words or word parts; like no other. Global solution - extended ASCII and mixed English with Russian, Chinese, Korean or Arabic.

The IdentLogic Systems challenge - Give us a large already duplicate removed list & we will find more duplicates - Free!

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2.II. Loyalty Programs

2.II.a. Offering: An easy to implement framework for even the most sophisticated loyalty program offering.

2.II.b. Why is it unique and better than any other offering by our peers/competitors:

Uniquely multi-lingual, multi-locale (e.g. Portuguese-Portugal & Portuguese-Brazil different), multi-currency (tracks actual currency and system standard currency - conversions up to the micro-second possible), multi-time-zone (tracks time at location and system standard time - incorporates daylight saving), multi-program (with point inter-conversions and cross earnings & burnings).

Sophisticated set up due to multiple hierarchies required by client, e.g. geographical (world, region, sub-region, country, sub-country, state, sub-state, sub-sub-state, etc.) or product (all, line of business, product group, sub-product group, brand, variant, package size, etc.)

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3. Brief information on 3 High Impact projects done for our clients

3.I. Share Registry of a very large Conglomerate of many Companies

3.I.a. What was the issue?

Very large number of individuals holding shares in the conglomerate of companies in different folios; many in the same company. Leading to increased costs and possible non-compliance of tax deduction requirements. An extremely powerful solution was needed to handle the extremely large number of records.

3.I.b. How did your product/service offering help in solving that issue?

Detected huge number of persons with multiple folios far, far beyond the expectation of the client.

3.I.c. What is the impact, as seen by the customer post-implementation?

Huge reduction in communication & other operational costs and much better compliance with tax deduction norms.

3.II. Very large Pharmaceutical and Agri-chemical multi-national with multiple lines of business.

3.II.a. What was the issue?

Very uneven sales across geographies. Need to have promotional activity for different kind of hierarchies of geographies and product, e.g. entire country for one item, a region for another brand, a state for a line of business, district for a product group or sales territory for a pack size.

3.II.b. How did your product/service offering help in solving that issue?

Our very flexible framework with easy set up of multiple hierarchies helped greatly in formulating, specifying and implementing very fine grained promotions, exactly tailored to solve the problem caused by such a large number of variations in multiple spheres of geographical and product hierarchies.

3.II.c. What is the impact, as seen by the customer post-implementation?

Much better utilization of promotional funds with focused targeting for increased sales revenue and more profitable results.

3.III. One of the World's Larger Life Insurance Corporations

3.III.a. What was the issue?

280 million policies with little knowledge of how many for the same person. Poor marketing leverage and unnecessarily extra huge communication and operational costs.

3.III.b. How did your product/service offering help in solving that issue?

(We were the software product distributors and advised on various problems). This was used when other products could not handle the size of 280 million policies.

3.III.c. What is the impact, as seen by the customer post-implementation?

Larger revenue due to the better cross sell and up sell due to a consolidated view of existing customer engagements.

4. Any other info that will help your potential clients to look at you favourably.

We specialise in designing and implementing systems which not only provide for an extremely large set of features and options, but also anticipate futuristic developments that will affect our client's businesses.


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