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We provide customized software solutions on Microsoft Technologies.


CRM systems for domains such as Paint and Paint Products and similar.

Facial Recognition Systems for Attendance, InfoKiosks, User Sign In etc.

Colour Visualisation systems

Customers in India, USA, SouthAfrica, Dubai, Singapore, Sout East Asia

Since 2006. Contact person : Sridhar Narayanaswamy

Founder and Managing Partner Address: A 82, 100 Feet Road, Kovai Pudur, Coimbatore 641042 Industry Sectors services: Being a Software solutions provider, we look for opportunities from

a variety of Industry Sectors. Presently, we serve the Paint Industry, Accounting Services,

Pharmaceutical Manufacturers, Industry sectors that employ large number of labour etc.

Major Products / Services:

? SmartFace ? Facial Recognition System

? ColourWizard ? Digital Colour Visualisaiton for Paint Industry

? Intelligent Document Processing ? for Accounting Services and where large volume of

data transcription is involved

? Preview (Photoshopping Services) ? for Paint Industry

? Software consultancy services

2.What are the top-2 areas where your products/service offerings are unique?

a. What is the offering?

b. Why is it unique and better than any other offering by your


2.1. SmartFace ? Facial Recognition System

It is unique and has several advantages over conventional Facial Recognition Systems,

because, it is secure, safe and follows all international standards on Facial data as we use

Microsoft Azure technology. In this, all the facial data are encrypted and stored securely in the

Azure Server. There is no investment on hardware as one can use the software from a

Smartphone. Ideally suited for industries that employ large volume of labour. 2.2 ColourWizard ? Digital Colour Visualisation Software

It is unique because it allows anyone to try out various colour shades on the photo of a

building exterior or interior, countless number of times before making a purchase decision.

It is unique because, it enables the sales team of paint cos. to showcase the various colour

shades, more effectively and to win business faster. Not many such software are available in

the world market today as developing one, is technically very complex.

3.Brief info on your any top-3 High Impact projects that you have done for your clients

a.What was the issue?

b.How did your product/service offering help in solving that issue?

c.What is the impact, as seen by the customer post-implementation?

3.1.a. How our SmartFace helped a pharma manufacturer in the USA?

The Pharmaceutical manufacturing company in the USA was using Biometric devices for

attendance management. Due to the pandemic they had to stop using them to avoid humanmachine

contact. Had to devise a new method for attendance tracking. Our Facial

Recognition Software came handy. It is touchless and one can use own mobile phone to

punch in their daily attendance.

Benefit: Reduced risk due to the pandemic without additional investment.

3.2.a.How ColourWizard helped a major Paint Products MNC?

It takes a long time to decide on the colours to be used, especially when it is for a multi-storey

apartment block. This is due to the reason, that test painting is not possible and multiple

people will be involved in the decision making process. As a result, the closure of a lead was

taking a long time with a risk of competition coming in. With ColourWizard, now it is very easy.

The Office bearers of the Housing Societies can be presented with multiple choices just at the

click of the mouse.

Result: Higher value sales, faster and therefore more revenue generation.

3.3.a.How our Intelligent Document Processing System helped an Accounting Services Co.?

This organisation was employing various resources for data entry of data from PDF

documents into their accounting system. Time consuming, Error-Prone and Delays.

With our IDP bots, the whole process is now automated. Fast, No Errors, No loss of jobs as

the people who were doing the manual data entry are now used to verify the extracted data.

Benefits; Improved customer service and timeliness 4.Any other info that will help your potential clients to look at you favorably.

? Our company vision is ?Be Innovative. Stay Ahead?. This is to emphasise our focus on

Innovation all the time.

? Repeat orders have been a testimony for our commitment.

? Our knowledge of various domains and experience in Software Architecture have been

a great boon to our clients

? Personally, I have bene involved with the Information Systems and Technology field for

more than 4 decades and this experience will be of immense benefit to any organisation

looking to implement State-of-the-Software Systems.

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