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AKS Information Technology Services Pvt Ltd

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AKS IT was founded in September 2006 and is incorporated under the Companies Act, 1956. It provides services in the domain of Information Security, comprising consultancy, compliance, Network Security, Application Security, Cyber Forensic and IT Security Training. It also develops customized software and hardware products and supply IT Security and Cyber Forensic products Contact person : Ashish Kumar Saxena

Email Id: ashish@aksitservices.co.in

Phone No.:+91-9818863669 Address: B-21, Sector-59, NOIDA - 201309 (U.P.), India

Industry sector serviced: BFSI, Government, Power, IT, Aviation, Telecom, Defence, Railways, Corporate etc. (All sectors)

Major Services: IT Security Auditing including VAPT, Web & Mobile Application Security, Infrastructure Security, ICS and telecom, Consulting including implementation of ISO 27001 & Compliance as per Govt/Regulators guidelines & industry standards and computer forensics services.

Major Products: On Premise Anti-DDoS Solution, Web Application Firewall (WAF), Application Delivery Controller and Cloud based security platform providing Anti DDoS, WAF, Antibot, Server Load Balancer, DNS Security, CDN services. AKS Forensic workstation for data acquisition, analysis, password cracking for Law Enforcement and intelligence agencies .

2. What are the top-2 areas where your products/service offerings are unique?

a. What is the offering?

o Products:

o On Premise Haltdos Anti DDoS solution & Web Application Firewall

o Cloud based security platform providing WAF, Anti DDoS, Anti Bot, Server Load Balancer, DNS Security and CDN.


In addition to security auditing, consultancy, compliance, Cyber Forensic and training services, we provide these special services as well:-

o Industrial Control System (ICS) Security: We carry out security auditing of ICS (SCADA, DCS, DDCMIS) to discover vulnerabilities, gaps and help organizations to mitigate the risk in various sectors like Electric Power Generation, Transmission & Distribution.

o SoC 1 Type 1 & Type 2 Audit: The audit encompasses internal controls compliance in the areas of Information Security, Recruitment & Training, logical security, Network Security, Change Management, Backup and Restoration Management, Physical Security, Environmental Controls, Security Operation Center.

b. Why is it unique and better than any other offering by your peers/competitors?

o Our HaltDos Anti DDoS and WAF and cloud based security platform are found technically superior then our competitive foreign products in the same category. We provide customised solution as per customer?s requirement and not imported boxes.

o We have developed indigenous technology and our DDoS mitigation technology is patented in India. Our product are tested by Govt of India, STQC and awarded global certification EAL2+

o We are the only one testing ICS systems in complete power sector (Generation, Transmission & Distribution)

3. Brief info on your any top-3 High Impact projects that you have done for your clients


Case 1: Low & Slow DDoS attack on Banking Website (Private Bank)

o Issue: A private bank website was flooded with Slow Loris, RUDY and HTTP flood DDoS attacks.

o Solution: HaltDos Anti DDoS product was deployed and all attacks were successfully blocked.

o Impact: The Bank website was secured from any DDoS attack by our product thereafter.

Case 2: Generation of DDoS attack traffic from inside the data center

o Issue: it was found by our Anti DDoS product, which was to protect attack traffic from outside to inside, that attack traffic was being generated from inside to outside during the night.

o Solution: We made our solution bidirectional to stop traffic from both the sides and could stop the attack being generated from inside also. Later we investigated and found that some machines were compromised. Malware was removed and attack was stopped

o Impact: The data center, thereafter, did not become source of attack.

Case 3: Modification of data on the server by remotely compromising by an employee.

o Issue: Modification of critical data was found on a server.

o Solution: We investigated the case by checking access logs, firewall and proxy server logs. Managed to find out date and time of the unauthorized access and the IP from where access was done. IP location was also obtained, and that helped to identify the attacker. Forensic examination with our tool also helped in locating changes done in the data.

o Impact: We could identify the attacker who was a disgruntled employee of the organization. Further action was taken by the management.

4. Any other info that will help your potential clients to look at you favorably

Services: We have more than 15 years of experience in Cyber Security domain with more than 10000 clients. We provide a wide range of IT Security Services & Solutions to our clients to secure their systems to avoid any security attacks and data breaches.


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