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RanceLab is a pioneer into development and sales of ERP software, "FusionERP" and is the trusted IT partner of over 35000+ brands, marking its presence in over 40+ countries including India, Middle East (GCC), South-east Asia and Africa. Established in the year 1996, it aims to serve the hospitality and retail businesses with its exceptional services and world class technologies helping them make profit sooner, reach break even faster and open new outlets quicker. FusionERP customers achieve a 5 to 1 ROI within 1 year by capitalizing on new opportunities.


Contact Person: Nilesh Shah | +91-98309-10441

Address: P240 Block A, Lake Town, Kolkata 700089, India

Industry Sector: Retail, Restaurants, Hotels

Products: ERP Software for Retail, Restaurants, and Hotels 2. What are the top-2 areas where your products/service offerings are unique?

a. What is the offering?

For a single outlet or a chain, RanceLab is a ready-to-use software that tracks and manages end-to-end business processes

such as POS (point of sale), Inventory Management, Financial Accounting, Supply Chain Management, Payroll, Customer

Relationship Management, Business Analytics, Chain Outlet Management. Unlike other products, it helps you make profits

sooner, reach break-even faster and open new outlets quicker.

b. Why is it unique and better than any other offering by your peers/competitors?

Unlike other software products, RanceLab is an All-in-one ERP software for Retail, Restaurants, and Hotels.

It saves you from laborious works such as keeping data across multiple software, number-crunching on a spreadsheet,

hours of compilation of data to generate or create a report. All the necessary business modules are integrated and

delivered in a single software. It automatically posts data into relevant modules and presents actionable reports to you.

3. Brief info on your any top-3 High Impact projects that you have done for your clients

a. What was the issue?

One of the top restaurants (name withheld), serving authentic Awadhi biryani. Their food is popular amongst all

age groups and the restaurant is always crowded with guests. They have dining, pickup, and delivery options for

their guests. They were using basic software to do the billing. The process of taking down the order on a pen/paper,

sending it to the kitchen, and to the settlement of the transaction, was manual and took a lot of time resulted in

a delay of service and not being able to handle more customers. There was an inventory wastage and pilferage.

b. How did your product/service offering help in solving that issue?

RanceLab implemented an end-to-end digital ordering process. Now the captains take the orders on mobile and tablet,

it is digitally transferred to KDS (kitchen display system) inside the kitchen. The invoice is generated digitally with a

payment link and send to the customer's mobile for payment. Even pickup and the delivery lineup have also been

automated to speed up the order cycle. A feedback link is also sent to the customer once the transaction is settled.

With recipe management and food costing systems in place, the issues of wastage and pilferage reduced drastically.

c. What is the impact, as seen by the customer post-implementation?

Increase in revenue by 40%.

Automated processes with optimized systems have increased efficiency.

Digital orders have saved the stationery cost of approximately Rs.1 lac per year.

Theft and wastage prevented resulted in saving of 3% annually.

4. Any other info that will help your potential clients to look at you favourably.

We have worked with 55000 businesses similar, nearer and probably bigger than yours in 40 countries in the last 25 years.

Broadly speaking, using the RanceLab software you are more likely to increase your efficiency, streamline your business

processes even more, and save a large amount of time. The same will keep you stay ahead of your competition.

By using the RanceLab system, you will enjoy similar or more benefits mentioned below:

a. Customizable Menu and POS interface increases throughput by 10%

b. Up to 40% increase in revenue with end-to-end digital order processing

c. Efficient menu engineering decreases food costs by 2%

d. Robust Inventory management system that saves 12% holding cost annually

e. Increases customer engagement with up to 46% repeat business and more referrals

f. eBill and digital payment increases transaction speed and saves Rs.50000 annually

g. Streamlines business operations and improves efficiency, saving 18% annually

h. Prevents theft, save you 4% annually

i. Increases tip percentage by 22%, 2x faster table turn, keeps employees happy and motivated


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